Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Monroe Soccer Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is currently part of the Miami Valley South Soccer Association. MVS represents 10 SAY Soccer Districs in the greater Middletown area. The 10 Districts are Carlisle, Clinton-Massie, Franklin, Lebanon, Madison, Middletown, Monroe, Springboro, Valley View and Waynesville. Monroe, like the other nine districts, voluntarily belongs to MVSA for convenience of playing other nearby districts, but the Monroe Soccer Association reserves the right to move to another Soccer body if we feel it is in the best interests of MSA.

Board Members:
President -Jason Race – [email protected]
Vice President - Jonathan Schriber - [email protected]
Treasurer - Matt Ellis-
Secretary - Angie Cummins- [email protected]
SAY Rep - Lance Dohm - [email protected]
Ref Coordinator – Earl Bruce - [email protected]
Equipment – Scott Nerderman - [email protected]
Head Coach Commissioner - Jonathan Schriber - [email protected]
Passer Coach Coordinator - Mike Roetting - [email protected]
Instructional Coach Coordinator - Tiffany Cooper– [email protected]
Candy Coach Coordinator - Andrew Yarnell - [email protected]
Opening Day - Angie Cummins- [email protected]
Fields - Scott Nerderman  - [email protected]
Soccer Camp -
Awards- Angie Cummins- [email protected]
Sponsors- Scott Nerderman  - [email protected]
Concession Stand - Matt Ellis - [email protected]
Park Board Rep  –  Lance Dohm- [email protected]
Pictures - Angie Cummins - [email protected]
Monroe Premier FC Director of Coaching - Mark Rivera- [email protected]

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