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Monroe Premier FC

Monroe Premier FC was started for the Fall 2018 season to serve as an option for Monroe SAY player to participate in a higher level of league play.  This allows Monroe Soccer Association to continue the developmental aspect for their players and teams.  SAY Premier is a fully sanctioned league under US Soccer and is an inclusive and affordable approach to competitive organized Soccer. 

Some of the benefits of moving players or teams to Monroe Premier FC are:

  • No more blind drafts, tryouts held for a spot on the team
  • Ability to compete with other teams in the Greater Dayton / Greater Cincinnati area
  • Take part in local and regional tournaments throughout the year
  • Develop players for an entire year instead of one season
  • Continue to play with players in the community and build friendships


What is SAY Premier?

SAY Premier offers competitive level programming and support with the acknowledgment that each league across the United States is different and unique in its own way.  SAY Premier grants Monroe Soccer Association the flexibility to operate without the constraints and/or prerequisites of competitive levels, playing time, roster limits, state boundaries, and geographical sizes and areas.

Which age group is appropriate for my child?  The age is related to the age your son/daughter will be in 2018 - 2019 season? 

U9 – 2010 or younger

U10 – 2009 or younger

U11 – 2008 or younger

U12 – 2007 or younger

U13 – 2006 or younger

U14 – 2005 or younger

U15 – 2004 or younger

When are tryouts? 

Tryouts will be held mid to end of May and again after the fall season in the end of October.

How are tryouts run?

The player will run through several drills and mini-games and scored in various areas.  The score used for selection is the best from tryout day.  Tryouts are open but players must register prior to attending tryouts.  All kids must try out for the team, selection on last year's team does not guarantee selection for the upcoming year.

My player is interested but unable to make tryouts.  Can he/she have an individual tryout?

Individual tryouts are not encouraged as part of your child's score is interaction with other players, but will be considered.  In order to facilitate team selections, any individual tryout must be completed before the general tryouts.

Have coaches been selected?

Fall 2018 coaches have already been selected.  Coaches are volunteers, existing and future head coaches must be certified at a minimum level with US Soccer, this will be implemented by season end of 2018.  Anyone interested in coaching should contact the Premier Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Can my player play up?

Certainly, we encourage if a player is not challenged to play to a higher level to ensure growth and development.

When does the season start?

Practices will start sometime in the end of July to early August depending on the team.  League games should start in the end of August to early September.  There will be a minimum of eight games, four home and four away, and one to three tournaments per season at the team's selections.  Away games are in the Cincinnati/Dayton area depending on age group.

Where/when will practices/training be held?

Each team will have at least two practices session per week.  Coaches may add/remove practices based on game and tournament schedules.  Practices and training will be held at Monroe Soccer Association fields.  Specific days will be determined after team selections.

How long is the season?

SAY Premier is designed for a positive year-round soccer experience for the players and teams.

Who will my player play?

Regular season games will be against other SAY Premier teams from the Cincinnati or Dayton area.  Tournaments games are open to all select teams in the OH / KY / IN area and beyond.  Expect to play at least 3 games in a week for any tournament.

We really like playing SAY as well can my player take part in both programs?

If a player likes to take part in SAY and SAY Premier to get extra play time we encourage a player to take part in both.  Of course each program is independent of each other so fees charged per program.

How much will it cost? 

The estimated cost for the Fall 2018 season will be $85 per player which includes registration, carding, home and away uniforms, referee fees, league games, and training sessions.  Due to some increased costs we're bumping up the price for Spring 2019 to $100 per player.   **This does not include tournament fees those are part of “Team Fees”**

What are team fees?

Each team will take part in at least two tournaments per season.  The cost to the team to take part in the tournament will range from $400 - $800 depending on the type of tournament and location.  The cost will be broken down per player for example if you have one tournament that cost $550 and there are 15 players, the cost per player is about $36.  Every player is expected to take part in a tournament and contribute their fair share.

Any questions please contact : [email protected]

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