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Training and Rules

Concussion Training Required
All Referees are required to complete concussion certification this is both a SAY requirement as well as state law. The training is FREE, and takes less than an hour. Please complete prior to August 25th (Opening Day) and provide Earl Bruce a copy of your certificate. The link to the recommended training is

Pay per game
Candy & Instructional - $10
Passers - $15
Wings - $20
Striker/Kicker - $25. 
Premier FC - U8 to U10 $20 / U11 and U12 $25 / U13 and up $30 (For Premier each side pays half)

For Instructional and Candy games, each coach will pay you $5. There is only one ref per game. For Passer games there will be two referees assigned to each game. Each coach will pay $15. So one ref gets $15 from one team and the other ref gets $15 from the other team. For Wings, Strikers and Kickers, the home team pays the full amount for both referees. 

Candy & Instructional rules
Play six 8 minute periods. 3 players from each team on the field at once. No goal keepers. Please ask the coaches before the game if they want to switch sides each quarter or half!!!, follow the coaches LEAD. Some think it is too confusing for the players, talk to the coaches and do what is best for the players. One coach from each team allowed on the field to help organize. If the coaches agree to only play 3 or 4 or 5 periods and not the required 6, that is fine. If they want more than 3 players on the field at once that is fine. 2 minute breaks between periods. Keep the game on time and have FUN with the kids! 

Passer Rules
Four 10 minute periods. Switch sides After EVERY QUARTER- this is not negotiable!!! No off-sides but also no cherry picking at the far end. Allow two attempts at a throw in before other side gets it. All fouls result in an indirect kick. No penalties. (Move ball to outside box for restart in place of penalty). Normal substitution rules apply. No coaches allowed on field.
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