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Training and Rules

OPENING DAY SCHEDULE FALL 2019- Saturday August 24, 2019

Home TeamAway teamDateGame timeFieldRef1Ref2
C4 -GlaserC6 - Winkler08/24/201911:00Candy/Instructional 1Carson SkaggsXXXXXXXX
C2 - DavisC3 - Frye08/24/201911:00Candy/Instructional 2Dawson HallXXXXXXXX
C8 - KiddC7 - Townsend08/24/201912:00Candy/Instructional 1Carson SkaggsXXXXXXXX
C5 - KiseC1 - Brege08/24/201912:00Candy/Instructional 2Dawson HallXXXXXXXX
I1 - BregeI6 - Evans08/24/201911:00Candy/Instructional 3Brooke GallegherXXXXXXXX
I13 - ThackerI9 - Lister08/24/201911:00Candy/Instructional 4Brennan HesseXXXXXXXX
I3 - DisherI4 - Doyle08/24/201912:00Candy/Instructional 3Brooke GallegherXXXXXXXX
I10 - RyanI14 - Zimmerman08/24/201912:00Candy/Instructional 4Ben DirksenXXXXXXXX
I7 - HallI8 - Howard08/24/201913:00Candy/Instructional 1Carson SkaggsXXXXXXXX
I11 - SchulI2 - Corniel08/24/201913:00Candy/Instructional 2Dawson HallXXXXXXXX
I12 - SibertI5 - Eleton08/24/201913:00Candy/Instructional 3Brooke GallegherXXXXXXXX
Passer4- 10 minute Quarters- $15 each RefRef1Ref 2
Passer 01 FryePasser 05 Kramb08/24/201911:00Passer 1Emma GallegherAvary Slone
Passer 6 YarnallPasser 03 Baum08/24/201911:00Passer 2Logan SchaeperWilliam Bruce
Passer 04 ReistPasser 7 Glay08/24/201912:00Passer 1Emma GallegherAvary Slone
Passer 02 HallPasser 08 Davis08/24/201912:00Passer 2Logan SchaeperBrennan Hesse
WINGS4- 12 Minute Quarters $20Ref 1Ref 2
Monroe 1Monroe 28/24/1911:00Passer/Wings 4Braden TarinLogan Strohofer
Striker4- 15 mimute Quarters- $25
Mon1Tre1 - CDH8/24/1910:00 Striker 1Braden TarinLogan Strohofer

Updated 8/13/19- NEW REFEREE TRAINING August 13th training is post-poned to Saturday August 17th at 12:00, As part of that training we will then ref a scrimmage game.

All Referees and potential Referees the SAY Season is rapidly approaching with opening day being August 24th: I have selected dates to hold training classes below: I will be holding 2 types of classes. 

New Referee Clinic-  This is for new referees  this a 3 day class 2 days in class and 1 day where we can hopefully have a scrimmage. The class will be held at the Monroe Crossings Shelter on the following dates:

Tuesday August 6th 6:00-8:15, Wednesday, August 7th 5:30-8:15 and Tuesday August 13th Changed TO August 17th at Noon- 3:00 at the Monroe Crossings Shelter- Scrimmage will be part of it. 

If you are interested in attending the new Referee class simply e-mail Earl Bruce at [email protected] 

Meeting for Past Referees/Experienced (Attendance is Required to Referee in the Fall 2019) You fall into this category if any one of the following apply:

1) Refereed in the 12 months for the Monroe SAY Program, 
2) Current USSF Referees 
3) Referees that have completed the Referee class with Mr. Stanger at Monroe High School an dreceived that certification (I know there are many of you out there!).
4) Contact Earl Bruce if I am familiar with your ability as a referee but you do not meet one of the 3 requirements above then please contact me and we discuss it. My number is: 513-315-7191.

Dates of meeting for past referee Meeting: Remember you only need to attend 1 meeting!!!!!!!!!

I offered multiple dates and times (9 total) to accommodate schedule conflicts the meeting will last 1 hour and thirty minutes- PLEASE ATTEND THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE DATE YOU CAN ATTEND.

Saturday August 3rd 11:00 AM
Saturday August 3rd  2:30 PM
Saturday August 10th 11:00 AM
Saturday August 10th 2:30 PM
Thursday August 15th 7:00 PM
Saturday August 17th 11:00 AM
Wednesday August 21st 5:30 PM
Wednesday August 21st 7:00 PM
Friday August 23rd- Cancelled as of 8/22

If you have any questions please contact Earl Bruce either by phone or e-mail.

Earl Bruce
Monroe SAY Referee Coordinator
[email protected] 

For Instructional and Candy games, each coach will pay you $5. There is only one ref per game. For Passer games there will be two referees assigned to each game. Each coach will pay $15. So one ref gets $15 from one team and the other ref gets $15 from the other team. For Wings, Strikers and Kickers, the home team pays the full amount for both referees. 

Candy & Instructional rules
Play six 8 minute periods. 3 players from each team on the field at once. No goal keepers. Please ask the coaches before the game if they want to switch sides each quarter or half!!!, follow the coaches LEAD. Some think it is too confusing for the players, talk to the coaches and do what is best for the players. One coach from each team allowed on the field to help organize. If the coaches agree to only play 3 or 4 or 5 periods and not the recommended 6, that is fine. If they want more than 3 players on the field at once that is fine. 2 minute breaks between periods. Keep the game on time and have FUN with the kids! 

Passer Rules
Four 10 minute periods. Switch sides After EVERY QUARTER- this is not negotiable!!! No off-sides but also no cherry picking at the far end. Allow two attempts at a throw in before other side gets it. All fouls result in an indirect kick. No penalties. (Move ball to outside box for restart in place of penalty). Normal substitution rules apply. No coaches allowed on field. 
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